20 Activities to Cross Off Your Summer Bucket List

What is BSE?

The BEST SUMMER EVER series is a compilation of several summer-y posts, from songs of the beach playlists to packing lists. From March through August, I will be posting periodically on how to make the most of my favorite season! All of the BSE posts can be found here.

With spring break behind us, summer is on the way! It’s time to get together and make plans toward making this the best summer ever. Whether you’re looking for ways to catch up with old friends or date ideas, here are 20 things that should definitely be on your summer bucket list!

1. Attend a concert (or two, or three…).

courtesy of giphy.gif

2. Take a trip to the beach!

3. Visit a museum.

4. Hit the local amusement park.

5. Enjoy at least one cookout with family or friends.

6. Go to a carnival or festival.

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7. Swim in a swimming pool!

8. Make s’mores at a bonfire.

9. Go on a picnic.

10. Take a trip to the local bowling alley.

11. Buy tickets to a local sporting event (and make sure to go)!

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12. Go to a zoo.

13. Hike to the top of a mountain.

14. Party at a bar or club.

15. See fireworks.

16. Attend a drive-in movie (it’s so much better than a regular theatre)!

courtesy of letspicturemecrazy.tumblr.com.gif

17. Watch the sunrise and sunset, and then watch the stars.

18. Have a day of water guns and water balloons.

19. Get ice cream!

courtesy of gifs-for-humans.tumblr.com.gif

20. Spend a day outside playing paint ball, laser tag, or roller-skating.

summer bucket list at MichelleAdamsBlog

What ideas will you use? Did I miss anything? Share your summer plans in the comments below!


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