Watch: What’s In My College Backpack?

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Getting ready for back-to-school? Don’t forget to pack these important things in your backpack—you’ll be glad to have them when you’re roaming around campus this fall!

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13 Essential School Supplies for College Students

If you’re one of the over 20 million students heading to college this fall, it’s time to prepare for the coming semester—first, by purchasing school supplies! If you’re looking for inspiration and advice on what to buy for the upcoming semester, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the 13 academic supply items that are absolutely essential for your college classes—be sure to pack them up and bring them along when you move in!

1. A Planner

Blue Sky Day DesignerEvery college student knows the importance of having a planner. Not only does it keep you on track with homework, but, if you use it right, it can hold your whole life together.

I use Blue Sky’s Day Designer planner (aff.), because I love how each weekly layout is set-up, with room for appointments on one side and a to-do list on the other. It’s cute, functional, and (best of all) super cheap!

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