The Perfect 2017 Planner for Productive Student-Entrepreneurs!

The Best 2017 Planner for Productive College Students and Entrepreneurs productivity agenda planning book | Michelle Adams Blog

It’s that time of year again—time to buy a new planner for the new year! And after having tested dozens of planners throughout my years in school, there’s only one I’ve stuck with: The Day Designer!


As many of you already know, I’m coming up on my second-to-last semester of college and I just started my professional manuscript editing business! Between a full course load, the new biz, a new research writing tutoring job, running the school newspaper, and my freelance writing jobs, next spring is going to be crazy—and I have no idea how I would do it without a sturdy, productivity-inducing planner. That’s why I always go straight for the Day Designer.

What I love about the Day Designer is that it’s more than just a bunch of blank lines bound together all pretty. It’s actually specifically designed to help you plan out your entire day—with a blank schedule on one side and a to-do list on the other.

Since every day is different for me, I need the space to write in all of my meetings, appointments, and conference calls, but I also like to keep note of everything that I have to do—and instead of covering an old Wal-Mart planner in post-it notes, I can keep everything super organized and in one place.

5 Steps for Setting Up Your Planner for the New College Semester | Michelle Adams Blog

And as much as we all love beautifully-designed planners, I have to be frank: I hate when the pages of my planner are covered in weird designs that make it hard to read what I’ve written. The plain pages of the Day Designer make it so I can color-code all I want, with no worries about whether or not I’ll be able to decipher my own handwriting later!

Finally, there’s just something about the mission of the Day Designer company that I adore. The first few pages of the planner are set up to help you plan your goals for the year, from daily routines to full-year resolutions. They really want to help you be the best person you can—and they’re doing their best to help you get there!

If you’re interested in the Day Designer, they just released their 2017 flagship planner, and it looks more gorgeous than ever. Plus, it’s relatively cheap as far as designer planners go!

Are you convinced? Take a look at the Day Designer online, and pick up their flagship edition before the new year starts!

Have you ever tried the Day Designer? How did you like it? Share with me in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “The Perfect 2017 Planner for Productive Student-Entrepreneurs!

  1. I have one of the cheap Day designer planners from Target, but I really want one of the nice ones that has an hourly schedule for each day. It’s just sooooo expensive though! Hopefully I’ll finally just give in and go ahead and splurge on it next fall!

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