6 Ways to Prepare for the Spring Semester

6 Ways to Prepare for the Spring Semester College University | Michelle Adams Blog

The start of the spring semester. It’s when you’ve got this freshman/sophomore/ junior/senior year thing down pat—but you still have to start all over. And in an attempt to make sure we don’t forget anything important over Winter Break, here are six things you gotta check off your to-do list before move-in day next year:


1. Buy your textbooks

These things get more and more expensive as we get closer to the actual start of the semester, so go find what you need and buy or rent ASAP! (And if you want to save up to 90%, consider Amazon!)

2. Update your school supplies

This might mean getting a new planner if you get one each January instead of July/August or even picking up some new notebooks if you ran out of space in your old ones. If you can reuse stuff and save money, awesome! But if not, make sure you pick up all the stuff you’ll need from the school supply list before you  head back to college.

3. Set up your planner with all the important dates

Midterms, finals, due dates, birthdays! As soon as you get your syllabi and updated academic calendars, make sure you etch these important dates into your planner. (And if you want more help setting up your planner, check out this post I did on the topic!) Or, if you want to keep your due dates all together electronically or in a printable, I can hook you up.

4. Update your wardrobe

Perhaps Christmas/the holidays helped you with this. If so, congrats! If not, you’ll probably need to go shopping. Basically wherever you are, it’s going to be colder in January than it was in August. So pick up a winter coat, don’t forget your rain boots for those April showers, and don’t forget to bring a few warm professional outfits for those internships or interviews!

5. Double check your financial aid

You don’t want any surprises on the first day, like your classes being dropped or something. Just do me a favor and check to make sure any payments or loans went through without a hitch!

6. Set your semester goals

Even if your only goal this semester is to maintain your current GPA, you should write down your goals and make a legitimate plan to tackle them. If you’d like to find an internship, get a job before graduation in May, or even open your own business (like me!), write it down and make it happen!

If you check these things off of your to-do list, you’ll be that much more prepared for the semester to come—which can only mean good things for your sanity and your GPA!

What else do you do to get ready for a new semester? Let me know in the comments!

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