6 Goals for My Final Semester of College

6 Goals for My Final Semester of College | Michelle Adams Blog

Happy Monday, guys!

It’s officially back-to-school season, and the start of the semester is coming up on us soon! For me, this means graduation is on the horizon, and although I’m not going to any classes this fall (it’s capstone essay time!), I still have some things to look forward to—and if my goal is to make them happen, then I need to post them online for the world to see.

Here we go!

Goal #1: Finish my final semester with a 4.0.

I’m blessed to be “one of those students”  who can get great grades without trying too hard. That said, that doesn’t mean that I don’t strive for absolute perfection! With no in-person classes this semester, I don’t imagine my GPA will change too much, but it never hurts to have the goal in mind.

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Goal #2: Complete my and Ryan’s savings goal.

My fiancé, Ryan, and I have very specific financial goals, and while we set ourselves up to succeed in them, we’ve experienced some setbacks this year. With the latest setback behind us, we’re ready to finally reach our goal, and once we do, I can complete goal number three:

Goal #3: Find a rental property and move in!

Ryan and I are so excited about finally getting our own place. After much discussion, we decided that renting is probably best for us—at least for the time being—and we found a neighborhood in our city that we love and can’t wait to move into. We just hope there will be a home available there whenever we finish up goal number two!

Goal #4: Get down to my target weight.

New, sedentary jobs + fast food right next to my job + pure laziness + trying to save money so not going on trips or hiking adventures anymore = me gaining way more weight than I thought I would in college. But by the end of the year, or at least by the time of our wedding, I want to be back down to a weight that’s comfortable for me that makes me feel beautiful, healthy, and happy.

Goal #5: Develop a long-term career plan.

This involves a lot of learning about myself. Before the last month, I figured I would (and could) do anything that brought money in for Ryan and me, but I’ve recently realized that if I was going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on college, I should be able to do what I want to do with my degree! I’ve decided to focus on finding jobs that will make up a career of happiness (or at least not unhappiness) while I’m working, and while I know I want to stay within the realm of writing and editing, an English major can do so many things. Developing a solid plan is a great start!

Goal #6: Finish planning our wedding!

This is my favorite goal by far, because it means the day is coming that I get to marry my best friend! We already have our venue and guest list locked down, but I still need to find a dress and decide what we’re doing about food. We need to get cracking!

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What are your goals for this fall? Share in the comments!

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