7 Ways to Prepare for Online Classes

While everyone around you is gearing up for the upcoming semester with new planners, pretty supplies, and gorgeous outfits, if you’re taking classes online this year, you may be feeling a little left out. But have no fear! You, too, can (and should) prep for the fall with these seven tips:

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1. Become acquainted with any programs required for your classes.

You should receive information about what programs your class will use before the course actually begins. Whether you’ll be working with Blackboard, Canvas, or even G-Suite, you want to know how to use the software before you actually need it for school.

If you have questions, you should be able to ask an online adviser, or even your professor.

2. Touch base with your professors.

Even if you don’t have questions about how to use the programs required for your class, it can be a good idea to introduce yourself to your professor(s). Since you can’t visit their office hours, send a quick email saying hi to get on their good side before the semester actually begins.

They may even be able to give you a hint on whether the textbooks are actually required for the class, which can save you hundreds.

3. Buy your textbooks or online access codes.

If your textbooks are required, don’t forget to order them! You can save up to 90% by buying or renting them on Amazon, but prices rise as classes near, so buy early!

Some online classes may require access codes to additional course material available on the web. Don’t forget to purchase these, too, as they can be vital for the course and your grade!

Bonus: Get a FREE six-month trial of Amazon Prime here, and get free shipping on tons of textbooks! There’s no obligation to continue after six months, so you have nothing to lose!

4. Attend online orientation.

Some schools have an orientation specifically for remote students, and if you’ve never taken an online class before, it can be beneficial to schedule a time to attend. It will be hard to focus on learning if you can’t figure out how to use the programs, or don’t know anything about the college!

5. Purchase any new software or hardware needed.

Need Microsoft Office, or its cheaper alternative, Open Office? How about Adobe Creative Cloud, or even a new laptop?

Whatever you need, you want to have it way before classes actually start, so you can get comfortable with it before you need to use it for school. Don’t be afraid to play around with it as the summer winds down!

6. Glam up your laptop!

Just as a new outfit can boost your confidence for the day, a new laptop case or skin can boost your morale and help you be productive in your online classes! Don’t be afraid to pick up a keyboard cover, some stickers, or a bedazzler and make your computer your own.

7. Prepare your desk space.

Whether you just have a desk or a full-blown office, you need to prepare your workspace by picking up anything you might need to help your productivity. Get more tips on what to have in your office here!

Once you cross these seven items off your checklist, you’ll be ready to go for your online classes this semester! Best of luck!

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