5 Tech Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed for College

Gearing up for move-in day? Don’t forget to pack these five simple, small, and portable gadgets with you!

Disclaimer: I received some of these products for free to review. Links in this post may be affiliate. All opinions are my own and can’t be bought. More legal information is available here.


I was not an Apple person until I got to college, when I was kind of forced into Macs. My university participates in a program with Apple that supplies every incoming, full-time student with a Macbook and an iPad (models and accessories change yearly, but that’s the gist), and most of my classes, especially when I was a music major, required that I use the Macbook instead of any PC laptop.

In arts and humanities, Apple is the norm. I haven’t met many journalists in my career that aren’t privy to (and preferring of) Macs, and a lot of my writer friends feel the same. As a musician or designer, it’s almost required.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t get a Windows computer. In fact, in business or IT fields, you probably want Windows. But if you’re a blogger or liberal arts person like me, you’ll definitely want that Macbook—whether you get a Pro or an Air, it’s worth it.

HP DeskJet 3755

Sure, any printer will work, but why settle for a giant printer when you could use one of the smallest, cheapest ones on the market, designed just for college students to fit in their tiny dorms? In addition to printing, this little printer can scan documents and make copies. It’s practically perfect for when you don’t want to spend $2 per page on a 25 page essay. Just buy your own printer and save the hassle!

Apple Watch

I received my Apple Watch as a Christmas gift and, at first, I thought it was kind of useless, particularly because you can’t do anything with it without your phone in your pocket. That said, how many times have you been in the front row of a lecture, felt a vibration, and were dying to figure out what it was? With an Apple Watch, you just glance at your wrist and you know.

It also functions similarly to a FitBit in that you get all the fitness trackers, although I don’t think the calorie counter is very accurate (there’s no way running for an hour burns only 70 calories).

I really appreciate my watch in that I can continue conversation without looking at my phone, but still be notified if something is important. I can also make it “ping” my phone so when I inevitably lose it, it makes noise until I find it again. (I use this feature more than you’d think.)

I have several bands for my watch, too: I use the one it came with at the gym, I have a casual leather one for day-to-day, and a professional one for work. I got all of them from Amazon; you should find one you like!

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Let’s be honest: your dorm is way too quiet without one. I prefer this one from HP because you get a lot of sound and days of use before you have to recharge all in a super small and portable package. So whether you’re getting ready for the sorority formal in your room or your BFF’s, you’ll always be able to jam those tunes.

HP Sprocket

When HP first sent me this, I had no idea what to do with it. Here is this “zero ink” portable photo printer that prints slightly-smaller-than-wallet size photos that double as stickers. What do you do with that?

Let me tell you what you do with it:

  1. Decorate your dorm room walls.
  2. Pass them out to your friends.
  3. Put them on the back of your phone (even better under a clear phone case).
  4. Actually put them in your wallet.
  5. Basically anything you can imagine DIY.

The Sprocket is small enough that it fits in any purse or bag, and can be bumped around without concern. I used it at the beach to print photos of my friends for them to keep immediately, and when I came home, I decorated my room with them. You can also DIY just about any design with them, from laptop cases to binder covers.

It’s an interesting invention, but one that will be well worth the investment!

What’s your go-to tech item? Share with us in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “5 Tech Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed for College

  1. This is a great post! I always thought Macs were confusing, but my senior year of high school I had a job where I had to use a Mac so I learned how to use it. Then, my older friends all suggested a Mac for college so I got one. Now I’m hooked and I love it! They are so helpful! I also think having an Apple watch or something similar (I have a Fitbit) is super helpful! Thanks for the tips! http://carleehebert.com/

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