5 Ways to Further Your Career Development in College without Giving Up Your Summer

5 Ways to Further Your Career Development in College without Giving Up Your Summer | Michelle Adams Rawlings Blog

Summer-long internships and job experiences are great for furthering your career while in college, but sometimes, it just isn’t feasible to give up your entire summer to career-building.

Instead of giving up valuable family vacation time, make the most of your summer with these low-commitment resume builders!

1. Get A Part-Time Job

If you’re looking for experience (and some extra cash), a part-time job is a great way to go. Not only are they a minimal time commitment, but it can also be easier to request time off when your schedule is prepared weekly, or even biweekly.

You can build up a resume, and a reference list, all while only working a few hours each week – and still have plenty of time to take a trip to the beach with friends on the weekend!

2. Take an Online Class

In-person summer classes will keep you at your university – or at the local community college – when you could be on the road. But online classes can be attended anywhere with internet!

Get back on track to graduate on time, or get a leg up for the next semester, by trying an online class. They can be a lot cheaper than on-campus classes, anyway!

3. Work on Your Summer Reading List

This doesn’t just include your personal literary canon. Instead of finishing up To Kill A Mockingbird and Gone With The Wind (although both are amazing novels), add career-focused nonfiction pieces to your summer reading list.

Finish up books that will help get you familiarized with your industry and prepare for the job ahead. Plus, you can bring the books with you on the road and wherever you go.

When it’s a path you love, this won’t even feel like work – it’s the kind of reading you will actually enjoy.

4. Volunteer

One of the best things about volunteering is that you get to do it on your own time. Whenever you’re back from your day trips and vacations, you can head to a local animal shelter, food bank, or children’s club to help out and make a difference in your community.

Besides the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel after a job well done, you’ll be happily building your reference list with great people who may even have connections in local businesses.

Try to find something related to your career path, and something you enjoy, so you get the most out of your time helping others.

5. Start (And Finish) A Personal Development Project

Your seasonal break is a great time to work on a project that you’ve been meaning to get around to. Whether this means writing that novel you promised yourself you’d write, or building your portfolio blog, you can work on your project little-by-little throughout the summer, so it isn’t a huge time commitment, and you can pace yourself to fit your schedule.

Try to work specifically on something that you don’t normally have time for – without tests to study for and homework to finish, you’ll have a few spare minutes to work on a fun project for yourself!

There’s no reason not to make the most of your summer, even when you can’t commit to three months of work.

Whether you try one of these ideas, or all five, you can better yourself – and your resume! – during break by taking this advice to heart, and doing some extra career building between vacationing.  

What are your summer plans? Share in the comments below!

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