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  1. This site was formerly named Michelle Adams Blog. Its owner was formerly named Michelle Adams. If “Michelle Adams Blog” appears on other media — either on this site or on another — it can be assumed, in general, that it is property of Michelle Rawlings and follows all of the terms and conditions outlined below.
  2. This name change was finalized as of May 19, 2018.


  1. Any content from Michelle Rawlings Blog may not be republished on another site or in any print publication without prior written consent of blog owner (Michelle Rawlings). This includes, but is not limited to: blog posts, images, videos and audio files.
    1. Exceptions:
      1. Readers may re-post an excerpt of up to 150 words (or 60 seconds of video footage) on a website or blog with a link back to the original post. Summaries or excerpts of more than 150 words must be approved in writing by blog owner prior to publication. Excerpts must be in exact text and may not be altered, sold, or translated.
      2. Readers of Michelle Rawlings Blog may print up to 30 copies of any post, comment, or content as needed for personal, educational, review, or otherwise non-commercial use only, with citation. This text may not be changed, altered, or translated in any way, and cannot appear in a publication alongside any other text. Any other print use of a post from Michelle Rawlings Blog is strictly prohibited unless prior written consent has been granted by blog owner (Michelle Rawlings).
    2. For special permissions, please contact me.


  1. All written content on Michelle Rawlings Blog was created by blog owner (Michelle Rawlings) and is the property of blog owner (Michelle Rawlings), unless clearly otherwise stated. If created by another contributor, said contributor holds copyright of their own written word.
    1. Although guest posters hold copyright to their own work, unless it has been otherwise arranged in writing (electronic writing may be permissible), any guest post on Michelle Rawlings Blog may not be republished on another site or print publication. More information on Guest Posting is available to guest posters by contacting me directly.
    2. Any contribution to Michelle Rawlings Blog is subject to deletion without notice should the site ever be terminated for any reason.
  1. Media Content:
    1. Photos:
      1. Some photos on Michelle Rawlings Blog may be courtesy of a stock photo site. If that is the case, permission has been granted/purchased for use of the photo, or the photo is public domain property and no permission is necessary. These photos, even if public domain, should not be copied from Michelle Rawlings Blog for duplication; it is preferred that you visit the stock photo site and download/purchase the image yourself.
      2. Some photos on Michelle Rawlings Blog are taken by blog owner (Michelle Rawlings) and are property of her and Michelle Rawlings Blog. Duplication of these photos without prior written consent is prohibited.
      3. Some photos are owned by other entities, and are used as graphics to promote products on various websites/stores (see below for affiliation information), exclusive or non-exclusive infographics, or other images. Duplication of these photos is prohibited and permission for other use cannot be granted by Michelle Rawlings or Michelle Rawlings Blog.
      4. In no circumstance should any image appearing on Michelle Rawlings Blog be duplicated and used to promote any other blog, site, or company without prior written consent. This includes, but is not limited to, social media posts.
    2. Videos:
      1. Some videos may be uploaded or embedded on Michelle Rawlings Blog, either from YouTube or another video service provider. Unless otherwise clearly stated, any uploaded videos are the intellectual property of blog owner (Michelle Rawlings) to the extent of the video service provider’s allowance, and should not be duplicated or taken credit for.
      2. Videos on this site that are created or maintained by Michelle Rawlings (either on Michelle Rawlings Blog via WordPress or via another service provider) may include audio that is not solely owned by Michelle Rawlings or Michelle Rawlings Blog. Permission for use of this audio is clearly stated either in the video description or on the post page on Michelle Rawlings Blog. Duplication of this audio is prohibited and permission for other use cannot be granted by Michelle Rawlings or Michelle Rawlings Blog.

Limitation Of Liability:

  1. Contributors to Michelle Rawlings Blog (including blog owner, guest posters, or commenters) hold no responsibility for mistakes, errors, or omissions in any of their contributions to the site.
    1. It can be assumed, unless otherwise clearly stated, that any opinion or advice posted on Michelle Rawlings Blog does not reflect a professional opinion. Neither contributors nor blog owner are posing as a professional counselor, dietitian, lawyer, etc., and thus, contributions should be viewed in this light. Unless otherwise stated, any advice given has grounds only in personal knowledge or experience, not in fact or professional training.
  2. Michelle Rawlings Blog cannot be held liable for any damages arising out of the use or inability to use any materials on Michelle Rawlings Blog, except when required by law.
  3. Michelle Rawlings Blog is not responsible for the content of sites that it hyperlinks to, including sponsored (see below for more information), affiliate (see below), or other links the site. Once the user has left, Michelle Rawlings Blog assumes no responsibility for content.
  4. Blog owner (Michelle Rawlings) nor any guest posting contributor to the site holds responsibility for user-generated content (e.g. comments), be it libelous, spam, or otherwise unlawful or offensive. The commenter can be held responsible if it is found that their comment conflicts with law, and/or their comment promptly removed without notice.
    1. Any contribution (be it comment or guest post) to Michelle Rawlings Blog can be removed from the site without notice at any time, for any reason. If it is found to the blog owner that the contribution violates a law, blog owner may address this accordingly; and, as previously stated, contributor will hold responsibility for their contribution.

Privacy Policy:

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  1. Content appearing on Michelle Rawlings Blog may include affiliate or sponsored links. If this is the case, the individual post will be labeled as sponsored or affiliate. This will be made clear at or near the beginning of the post and possibly closer to the link, as well. (NOTE: Sometimes denoted on the blog by pink links, affiliate programs mean that I [Michelle Rawlings] get a small commission for a product that you [the reader] buy from a site if you got there from my blog. It does not change the price of the item or otherwise affect anything for you, the reader.)
    1. Affiliations: 
      • Michelle Rawlings Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
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    2. Other Sponsorships:
      • As an HP Millennial Influencer Panel member, I receive products, promotional items and educational material to use and share as I see fit. However, any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.
    3. This all is permitted under’s monetization policies that allow for affiliate links and sponsored posts so long as they do not dominate content or spam.
  2. Written content appearing on Michelle Rawlings Blog that is not contributed by a guest poster, commenter, or other contributor is the opinion of blog owner Michelle Rawlings, and only Michelle Rawlings, and does not reflect the opinions of WordPress, affiliate companies, or sponsoring companies unless otherwise clearly stated.
  3. Blog owner (Michelle Rawlings) will review products based on personal experience. Reflections on this in the form of posts or comments to Michelle Rawlings Blog or respective social media platforms, including YouTube, are her opinion, and cannot be bought or changed by any advertiser, sponsor, or affiliate.

Governing Law:

  1. Michelle Rawlings Blog is maintained from the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the United States of America; laws applying to residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and federal laws of the United States of America, will therefore be followed and enforced.

WordPress Policies:

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This is not meant to be a fully inclusive Terms & Conditions page, and it may be updated as time passes and new issues arise. Please check back often for the most up-to-date information.

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