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Michelle Adams BlogI have worked with both fiction and nonfiction authors to help them create (and oftentimes publish) the story of their dreams.

My editing business is founded on the idea that you—the author—should be at the forefront of the editing process. That’s why all of my edits are collaborative efforts.

Say goodbye to sending off your manuscript, waiting a month, and then getting it back covered in red ink and content changes! I leave lengthy, constructive comments and tracked changes that you can choose to accept or deny. Although I will edit your piece with the full understanding of what sells in the publishing industry, as well as English grammar and mechanics, in mind, I understand that writing is a subjective art—so I work with you to allow your creativity to shine.

My mission is simple: help you create (and hopefully publish) the story of your dreams.

A breakdown of my editing services, as well as information on pricing, quotes, and more is available here. I can’t wait to hear from you about making your publishing dreams a reality!

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